Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Elf Fun ~ Tuesday 12/16

Eli and Elvin were Happy little Elf Boys this morning ~ Santa stopped by for a visit!

[Click the arrow to play the video clip]

Elf Fun ~ Monday 12/15

Those silly little Elves were playing Peek-A-Boo by hiding under their Elf Hats this morning!

Saturday 12/13 and Sunday 12/14

We were bad little Elf Keepers this weekend! Saturday night the Elf Keepers forgot to take pictures. Eli and Elvin were found out on the front porch windowsil peeking into the house. There was a note taped to the window that said ~ "HELP - someone locked us out. It is COLD out here!".

Since we forgot to take pictures I guess they decided to not do anything special for Sunday morning -- Oops! ;)

Elf Fun ~ Friday 12/12

I think Elvin and Eli are slowly losing their creativity! ;) This morning they were found doing headstands between the stairstep railings.

Elf Fun ~ Thursday 12/11

Eli and Elvin were in the FREEZER of all places this morning! They had a note with them that said they were homesick. I think they miss the North Pole!

Elf Fun ~ Wednesday 12/10

This morning Eli and Elvin looked like two innocent little Boys sitting in the TV cabinet ~

They did some decorating - Oh Boy!

It looks like they found the toilet paper! How Festive Looking it is!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elf Fun ~ 12/09

Madison woke up this morning to find Eli Elf drinking out of one of her babies bottles!

Elvin Elf is watching for Andrew to get home from school ~